Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite:

Echoes For Celia contains supernatural aspects that make the book exciting. Celia experiences echoes that other people find strange. The book takes an unexpected turn as the two main characters step into a new world. I loved that the book provides vivid details about the people and activities of the new world. Another conflict is introduced that also makes the story captivating. As the main character, Celia’s background is extensively covered. Her father’s overprotective nature, the strange echoes she experiences, and her reclusive lifestyle all set the stage for what is to follow in her life. The unpredictability of her relationship with Elijah and the challenges they face all add to the book’s suspense. Echoes For Celia by Moeez Hatanian is an imaginative novella with thrilling twists.



He is from half middle eastern parent and part Mediterranean heritage. Since he was young had an innate love for reading book and observing stars, so he ended up studying astronomy but as he liked to do poetry secretly in his classroom.

Ended up writing some love in his school and was told off. He decided to write a first short story at the mere age of eleven with the help of his uncle and always love reading classical books and watching adventure movies. . his favourite authors are Mark Twain, Jules Verne and William Shakespeare.

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