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I was 13 years old, and with the help of my late uncle, I secretly wrote a love story about my aunt when she was a teenager. Unfortunately, I don’t think she has forgiven me.
I had loads of encouragement, one of whom was my late love (Charlene), whom I lost to cancer. I gave many of her traits to Celia, such as her personality and confidence.
I used the word Echo to represent time (the past, present and future). I also used the historical background of the Mayan Gods, but you do need to read the book because I don’t want to spoil it for you.
Both books in the series need the other for context. All I did was to split the one book into two novellas to start with. FYI- you can read the second series and get the complete picture of the sisters current life but not how everything came to be.
There is no single answer to this question. I like both of my creations, and despite the fact I’ve been bullied by some who are envious of my work, putting me down for not writing in my mother tongue. Nothing will stop me from doing what I can do best.
In my opinion, those who write to become famous or get movie deals or otherwise are in the wrong job and doing everything for the wrong reason. My motive is to inspire the world, leave some legacy behind, and hopefully bring some joy for those who may have lost hope in humanity’s future, even though what I am writing is merely fiction. Most of the characters, stories and names are based on actual events, the catalogue of stars and mythology.
For those of you who are interested in healthy living, meditation, positive affirmation? Find me on YouTube for new releases of healthy living videos side-by-side with ones in which I talk about books, mental health awareness and so on.
I am going to be honest, just like Jenna Morice. My answer will be NO to both. But, since I believe in fate, and am a spiritual kind of guy, I know enough to ‘never say never’. I know fate has a funny sense of humour that comes up when you least expected.
Translation of Echoes for Celia for a Spanish Audiobook. Although there has been some delay, I’ll be finishing and publishing the third book in the series. There are few other surprises, so I think if you guys want, you should follow me and find out more.
Every author is different and unique. I am a writer who has already incorporated loads of genres within two different books of the same series. Earlier in life, I found the time to learn speed reading and went through series of stories. You can expect intense world building, character development, and, in the future, suddenly writing another book within the same series within an entirely different genre, while still following the same set of books, which I think in itself is quite unique. Already in Book 2 of my series, you can read characters that usually don’t appear in sci-fi movies.
The most straightforward answer is that if we did everything differently on Earth (love one another instead of fighting), we’d be creating instead of sowing the seeds of our destruction.  If we wouldn’t have wasted time building missiles? May have already been to our sister planets by now. All of the rocket and propulsion science from 1947 onwards would have been focused on interstellar and intergalactic travels by now, true to the words of a well-known scientist who once gave a lecture regarding aliens. What if they’ve visited us before and consider Earth to be a second home, thinking of us as their cousins? You can bet they’ll return once they see we can all get along. But right now, we don’t, and many don’t seem to care at all about our beautiful blue planet. Of course, if anyone is out there, they’re keeping themselves well-hidden. As an author, I like to think that we can all get together to work towards changing the future for the better, and I truly think of myself as a futurist.
Moeez Hatanian

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