Turn your dreams into a reality!

Dreaming has no limits, everyone can dream of anything they want but few have the courage and resilience to follow that dream and do everything in their physical and intellectual capacity to convert it into a goal. When we dream big, we achieve big. The first and the foremost thing is to dream, then you have to go through the consequences and growing pains to reach a certain point where you feel to accomplish what you have strived for.  The most acknowledged and successful people like Nelson Mandela, Michael Jordan, Jeff Bezos, and Oprah Winfrey had once a dream about…

How to write a Book

1. Beginning and staying motivated You must begin writing. This may seem simple, but it is possibly the most neglected step in the process. When writing a book, you must first decide what you will write and how you will write it. When you begin writing, you will face self-doubt, overload, and plenty of other challenges. If you prepare ahead of time for those challenges, you'll be less likely to give up when they come. 2. Plan and structure your book and your time A good piece of writing is always about something. Write the book's argument in a sentence, then…

10 Easy Steps to Making your Dreams Come True

Your mindset and your approach to live can absolutely affect your achievements. If you are someone who watches live pass you by and waits for fate to take its course, then you are doing it all wrong! It is always said that ‘your path is already set’ and ‘what will be will be’. These mantas are sucking all the motivation from within us and it forms the notion...that our dreams and goals will be achieved without conscious effort at all.

Moeez Hatanian

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