About me


Oh, you clicked the “about” page? Right then.

I wasn’t sure anyone would really do that. Hm. I better write a few words, so you do not feel you revised your time unnecessary.


My Bio Just for Your eyes.

This is how my site will describe me:

Moeez is a fictional yet romantic writer, and alongside this, he got many other creative passions. He is a man who prides himself on always finding the time nurture his interests. This is his secret to never becoming overwhelmed or trapped in a whirlwind of his own thoughts. The perfect moment was always found to spend on writing and launching his novel. Moeez continually pulls inspiration and motivation for his creative outlets from listening to great music, observing the stars above him and studying ancient mythologies. These interests are what shaped him into the writer and creator his is today.

Moeez’s all-time favourite classical authors are Mark Twain, Jules Verne and William Shakespeare, all of which inspire his own writing style daily. When Hatanian is not writing, he will be spending his time listening to music, taking photos of the sun and stars, poetry and he even dabbles in songwriting occasionally.

A big part of Hatanian’s focus is turning real and everyday life into a successful life no matter how much easier it was said than done. His approach to life is a mindset he wishes to promote to other people through the stories he creates and bring hope and motivation to those who read them.