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Like many readers of sci-fi and fantasy, Moeez Hatanian has a real interest in astronomy and cosmology. More than anything, since he was young, Moeez has loved to write. Whether it was penning poems, songs, or short stories, he has always had a passion for words but for many years, writing was just a hobby for Moeez. Then he thought to himself, ‘what if he mixed the many popular Science Fiction tropes, and from that created something entirely unique?’ Attributing his intricate plots to a background in science, astronomy, cosmology, and IT, Moeez began a series he describes as a genre-bending utopian futuristic romantic drama. This lead to the first novel ‘ECHOES FOR CELIA’ which begins with a Sweet tender Romance on Earth, then transcending to a fictional galaxy far, far away. Although the characters’ names are inspired by mythological characters or star Charts from the latest discoveries of Hubble space telescopes. Moeez’s creation centres around an Empress who must save the universe. The author is anticipating to launch series 3 by mid- Sep 2021 and bring even more thrilling drama to the scene by introducing Foreboding Alpha Twins and letting your mind envisage how a human race can get introduced with a highly advanced civilisation without worldwide panic and dramas of society or politics. Moeez invites you to step inside his imagination and discover for yourself Echoes of Celia and The Rise of The Omega Empress, the first two books in the ‘Meet our Destiny & Cherish’ series. Priding himself on his mindset of; if you can dream it, you can achieve it. The process of writing and publishing his novel made him believe all the more in the power of dreams and what can happen when you are not afraid to reach for them. Moeez decided to use his way of life to inspire others. Through his YouTube channel, non-fiction eBook and guidebook Dreams into Reality, and blog, Moeez helps people understand how to make their lives successful by converting their dreams to goals. He wants to bring hope and motivation to those who read his stories and show them how to turn their everyday lives into successful ones.

This is much easier said than done, but everything worth doing takes hard work. Moeez strongly believes if you sit back and allow life to pass you by, thinking fate will have its way with you, then you are allowing life to slip through your fingers. The best way to achieve what you want is by having a healthy, and positive mindset, setting challenging yet inspiring goals to work toward. Moeez’s motto? Any dream goes! They do not have to be big; they just must be what your heart truly wants. Moeez has many passions as he loves to ponder a bright future for our world, just like the ones he has given the worlds he writes about, as he looks skyward. When reading, Moeez enjoys classic literature from authors like Jules Verne and Shakespeare. He feels they have influenced his own works. Attending the theatre, listening to music as well as wrestling, rugby, kayaking, hiking, working on computers, and sampling new foods are a few of his other favourite past times. Moeez loves to travel and has done so extensively. He loves taking photos on these trips, often of the sun and stars. He has been fortunate enough to travel worldwide, and some of his greatest memories come from these occasions. In 2012 he cruised around the Hawaiian Islands all the way from Seattle to Sydney, Australia, a trip that took him twenty-four days. He has also explored much of Europe. The most amazing opportunity of his life to date has been getting to meet the last two surviving soldiers who fought in Pearl Harbour. Follow Moeez on Twitter, check out his YouTube account Moeez Right for Writer for more inspiring tips for a successful life, and stay up to date on his novels. Omega Empress Sisters, from the Series of the Books (Meet our destiny and cherish). is available on Amazon, and you can download Moeez’s eBook Turning Dreams to Reality through his website.

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LiteraryTitan Silver Award
Echoes for Celia
Rise Of The Omega Express
Moeez Hatanian

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